Specialist archaeological excavation company, Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd, has been appointed to undertake investigatory archaeological works on the Mill Road Recreation Grounds situated between Mill Road and Axial Way.    

The works are due to begin on Monday 9 May for an initial 4-weeks, a period that could be extended depending on the outcome of the investigations.

Colchester Amphora Trading Ltd (CATL) commissioned the work on behalf of Colchester Borough Council (CBC). The work will enable Colchester’s Northern Gateway development to progress, following planning approval gained in October 2021 (Application no. 190665).

For public safety, fencing will be erected around the perimeter of the working area to prevent public access to the specific zones whilst works are ongoing.  The work will be carried out in phases starting with zones 2 and 4; then progressing to the main recreation ground zones 1 ,3, 5 and 6.

Plan of Mill Road Recreation Grounds to show phased work zonesPicture3

To enable the majority of the area to remain open to the public throughout, just one quarter of the main recreation ground will be fenced off at a time leaving the remaining three quarters open to the public. Once the trenching and investigation is completed in the first quarter, the fencing will be moved, on a rolling basis, to the next quarter and so on until all four quarters have been surveyed.

To minimise any unsociable noise or disruption to local residents, the work will occur during the daytime. Appropriate signage, warning tape and barriers will be installed to ensure public safety.

The investigations are being supervised by Colchester Borough Council’s Archaeological Advisor. It may be necessary to extend the investigatory works depending on the outcome of the investigations.

If you have any queries on this matter please fill out our enquiry form here: Contact Us – Colchester Northern Gateway (northerngatewaycolchester.co.uk)

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